Wednesday, September 24, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Breast milk ice cream? WTF?

warning...this is a rant!

OK so I heard today on the news that PETA is trying to urge Ben & Jerry's to use breast milk to make there ice cream. THIS IS RIDICULOUS and it makes me mad.

First of all, they say they are doing it because they feel that dairy cows are treated bad. BLAH BLAH BLAH.

OK so let me get this straight you(Peta) feel that its inhumane to keep impregnating cows every how ever often they do so that they can keep producing milk, which has MANY uses aside from ice cream, and provides immense nutrition value to our children and ourselves. And for some reason you think there is an abundance of breast milk flowing that we should just use that.

I feel that if you are able to breastfeed your child you should. Yeah its going to suck (ha ha) and hurt and be a pain when you go back to work having to pump and all, but all the nutritional benefits your child receives are so worth it and it helps your body heal after birth a lot faster. And I'm definitely planning on breastfeeding Savanna and any other children we have.

here are my reasons i feel this idea is soooo flawed and Not thought threw.

Where is this milk going to come from?
-the ice cream maker is obviously going to have to have a huge number of women willing and able to give up there breast milk. Obviously if they are making money off it, then the women who are providing the milk are going to want to get paid. Which is then going to cause MANY women that should not for many reasons be getting pregnant because they think "hey ill be able to afford my baby, Ben & Jerry's is gonna buy my milk" as they sit there collecting welfare and and whatever else they can.
I know that is a really broad judgement on women, and a huge assumption to they type of people I think this will appeal to.

but this is why i think that.

If you have a child and you produce more milk than your child can consume before it spoils, first off you should thank your lucky stars or for some reason your child cant use your breast milk for whatever reason wouldn't you rather DONATE that milk to your local hospital NICU, or a breast milk bank that distributes this milk to hospitals and sick children that really really NEED the breast milk for its intended purpose and nutritional values? I really feel that selling something that is really priceless is going to be something only very lower class people are going to do. Because they NEED the money.

In the end its going to cause huge problems. and really how HUMANE is it to cause ( i said cause not force) women to have children that they don't want or cant afford so that some company can make money selling breast milk ice cream.

and in all honesty.... Would you really eat ice cream that was made with breast milk? I sure as hell wouldn't.

as much as I love ben and Jerrys and there coffee heath bar crunch ice cream if it were made with breast milk, i would NEVER buy it. ever.


Valerie said...

Eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwww!! They would never agree to that. NO ONE, other than weirdos, would buy that.

Sarah Michele said...

I read that to and was shocked. I think however that's all Peta was trying to do, was to shock people ya know? That's their tactic, to say and do the most absurd and disgusting things they can think of in order to get people to think. I am not saying that cause I agree though!! I really think they would "speak" to more people if the toned down there strategy.

Monica said...

yeah i totally agree that they should tone down there approah.
there so ridiculous!

Mary said...

and then you could even change things up and have 20-30 year old breast milk for the rich desserts and 30-40 year old breast milk for the middle classer...

but if you got hold of 60-70 year old breast milk... it would be like fine wine...

butter crunch breast mild sound nummy... but rocky road breast milk? lumpy...

what about cookies and breast milk? we could start cooking with breast milk... what is the scorch temperature on cream from a boob?

oh the thoughts are endless..

Vicki said...

well, we drink cows breast milk, and thats a different species even.
But no, I sure wouldn't eat it.