Wednesday, February 27, 2008

PostHeaderIcon what fun!

ok so i cant eat a whole bunch of stuff, i cant drink like anything ai like to drink, and im not talking alocohol, im talking coffee,soda, crystal light nope i need to LIMIT that reall low.

im about to get fatter. yep fat-er! im already fat, im a big girl i think i always have been bigger than everyone else, but looking back i want really fat till about 5 years ago, i got sick and got fat, never been able to loose it, recently i lost 12 lbs! that was a HUGE accomplishment for me, but im about to gain that back....and then some!

i have a lot of nice clothes, i work in a nice place so i have to dress nice. well that just means that im about to have to go buy a bunch of new clothes. maternity clotes! im excited but also not!
were offially on a BUDGET now, which means that we wont be doing or buying much things that are a neccessity! i guess clothe to cover my belly are going to have to be a necessity!

i know a few recent moms so hopefully ill be able to squeeze myself into some prego hand me downs! good thing i love those! i love anything free...i must admit!! lol!!

ok im going to buy frosting! LOL~!

no....not a craving, for my nephews birthday! im making his cake! so check back soon for more cake pics!!

i also need to get my but in gear and sell some candles....we need some money to start saving with!

ok enough rambling.....


Marni Tiani Self said...

Whoo hoo!! How exciting!!

Well, if you breastfeed it's not only good for your little one and your uterus and stuff, but it really helps to lose weight!

I lost 80 pounds after I had my son. Yuppers. 80. I did Weight Watchers, but I never joined. I was able to eat so much and lose, seriously, breastfeeding awesome!!! LOL