Friday, October 10, 2008

PostHeaderIcon ouch, i have a horrible toothache!

So i went to the dentist this evening, thinking that i was probably going to need a root canal, I mean i was in so much pain the past couple days, And last time that happened i needed a root canal.

WELL when i got there they found out the tooth ache was coming from my wisdom tooth. I have 3 of them. They are not all the way in yet, and there is a lot of room in my mouth (hahaha, i have a big mouth!) so my dentist has left them in since they have never giving me any problems. But appearently there is a cavity hiding someplace in this tooth, and well they dont like to mess around with wisdom teeth, So they are going to pull it. As they probably should have already done a few years ago. BUT i have to wait untill wednesday.

They started me on anti-biotics and gave me some pain reliever, I really dont like taking anything since im pregnant-pain wise I just dont like it. And have avoided it But today the pain is just so bad that i had to give in and take some. I know its safe, Cause my dr had to send the dentist a list of what a can take while pregnant, and what they can do to me and all that good stuff but i just dont like it still.

But Im hoping that After the anti biotics start doing there thing that in it self will help relieve the pain and I wont need to keep taking pain meds all the way till wednesday.

Im also scared to get it pulled, i think its just cause im pregnant and worried that its going to cause me to go into labor or somethign silly, so my brother is going to take the day off work and take me to my appt and then spend the day hanging out with me till steven gets off work just in case! He said hes going to make me milkshakes!

isnt that sweet? what a nice brother.

well that is my news for the day. Im about to put my jammies on and get in bed.


Marni's Organized Mess said...

You poor thing! That really sucks having to take care of dental stuff while prego. :(

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Mary said...

toothache pain is the worse...

I hope you feel better...

Vicki said...

Poor Monica, but its better to take care of it now I guess. You wouldn't be able to breast feed Savanna on antibiotics and pain pills.

Valerie said...

Poor Monica! I sure hope you feel better fast.